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The Empire Has Declared War With All Demons
War Has Come To The Empire Once Again. The Empire Has Declared War With All Demons!
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that's cuz we dont like demons to well...

If you plan to fight against demons you'll fail mind you, there's alot of demons in this world and the other. To add to that, fighting my kin I will be forced to slaughter this pack, not empire.

ok demonborn so not all demons... the demons that gain the trust of the empire are safe such as u for joining this site!

I don't think a demon would care for the trust when the empire isn't the real empire that's known through the supernatural world.

hahaha war declared on my kin? have you lost your mind that you would do such a thing. not all demons are evil, but surely you would be all slaughtered like lambs. I do pity this failed empire.

really? all demons?
reality's gonna hit you in the face O_o
there's no way 1 website or empire could win from ALL DEMONS

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